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As an Indonesia Virgin Coconut Oil Manufacturer and Supplier Company, we guarantee that all of our coconut-based products are of the highest quality. The type of method we use to extract the virgin coconut oil processing is the newest technology.

Thus, our manufacture can provide the best quality of the product. We also constantly prospect for trends in products that make us have numerous commodities.

The Product That We Provide

  1. Virgin Coconut Oil


Our manufacturer provides the best quality product of virgin coconut oils. Virgin coconut oil is extracted in the natural technique so our customers can be assured that what they are purchasing is unrefined types. It is essential to make a distinction in the coconut oil product since we also produce coconut oil in bleached, deodorized, and bleached.

Our high-quality virgin coconut oils also maintain the sweet smell and taste of coconut. In contrast with refined coconut oil loses much of the natural flavor and scents after several chemical processes. Since we use the natural way of producing virgin oil, it leads to a healthy substance, like lauric acids.

  1. Coconut Milk


Coconut milk is one coconut-based product that has sweet and milky white textures. These natural ingredients come from the meat of a mature coconut. The rich taste of coconut milk also can indicate the high sugars and oil content. Our product is prepared by squeezing the grated coconut meat using a high-quality mechanical press.

The thick consistency of coconut milk is achieved after coconut meat is squeezed using a mechanical press. We serve a good product that can be used for several purposes, including dessert, and dry sauces. Sometimes coconut milk is also used to add flavor in soup and other dishes that can be an excellent option for consumers concerned with their health.

  1. Desiccated-Coconut


Our company produces high-quality desiccated coconut as delightful ingredients. This idea is beginning when newly harvested coconuts with the brown of the meat are removed to turn into fine granules. The granules are pasteurized and extract the moisture. For the final stage of the process, the product passes through stringent quality control before it is packed.

This ingredient is usually added as delectable and sweet ingredients to pastry products, such as biscuits, cakes, coco bread, candies, chocolate filling, sprinkles serials, and candies. The loner stands like shreds or flakes are usually used for decorating or garnishing. We provide a high-quality product in several sizes and types of packing to make a happy purchase for consumers.

  1. Coconut-Cream


As one of the best manufacturers and suppliers, we provide both non-food and consumable coconut products. We use advanced technology and warrant a superior product by creating coconut cream. It comes from the meat of mature coconuts and is extracted to produce a high-quality coconut cream product.

To produce coconut cream, the meat of mature coconuts is grated first and squeezed out. Then coconut milk will combine with natural stabilizers and process into a thick consistency. The freshness and natural taste are maintained in the process. The rich taste can be attributed to the fat and sugar contained.

  1. Coconut-Water


As the challenge of an ever-growing market, we also recognize how current issues, such as climate change affect all. As the temperature of the world increases, so does the necessity for more thirst-quenching drinks aside from water. We have launched our very own organic coconut water that is selling all over the world.

Coconut water is the liquid inside young green coconuts that are extracted and processed using the latest technology. It is because we want to preserve the freshness and natural flavor. It may replace water to reduce thirst or be used as base juice that can be mixed with other flavors in beverages. It also contains electrolytes that are an excellent source to replace energy drinks.

  1. Crude-Coconut-Oil


As a competitive company in the market, we invest in human resources, technologies, research, and quality compliance. These hold us to make some innovations, like the crude coconut oil. Crude coconut oil is derived from dried coconut meat and needs to be extracted in the next process.

Before the oil extraction process, coconut meat is dried to accomplish a humidity content of 6-8 percent. Oil is extracted from the coconut by using residual oil that is recovered through flush extraction. It has the characteristics of high saturated fat content compared with other edible oil provided on the market out there.

  1. Coconut-Sugar


As one of the big Indonesia Virgin Coconut Oil Manufacturer and Supplier, we offer a healthier substitute to regular table sugar. Our coconut sugar comprises minerals that are not found in refined sugar. It also encompasses some short-chain fatty acids, like antioxidants and polyphenols that are good for health. Especially for people who are suffering from diabetes or dietary.

For the health-conscious, coconut sugar can be a better alternative since it has a glycemic index of 35 while regular table sugar has a GI of 64. These good contents can reduce blood sugar levels and better weight management. However, individuals with type 2 diabetes should use coconut sugar carefully, as it still might increase blood glucose levels.

  1. Coconut-Charcoal


Not only provide the innovation of edible products, but our company also offers an environment-friendly. It is a better alternative to wood and regular charcoal since we can manufacture charcoal briquettes. Coconut charcoal is one of the products that can help our consumers become healthier and live in a more supportable environment.

Our coconut charcoal briquettes show to be an excellent option in both quality and price. It is a better choice when grilling with environmental issues in mind. They are maintainable since no chemicals are added to the briquettes. Not only have that, but they are made from renewable sources. This charcoal also produces a small quantity of ash and smokeless.

  1. RBD-Coconut-Oil


We make sure that all of our coconut-based products, such as our RBD coconut oil are produced in the highest quality. Even though the product undertakes to filter, decolorizing, and deodorizing, we operate modern technologies and improve under optimal circumstances so that losses of the desirable components in RBD coconut oil are minimized.

The first step in the production of RBD coconut oil is dehulling. In this process, coconut oil is taken from the shell. Then, the oil comes from the dried coconut meant by pressing using expellers and followed by extraction processed. Then, the oils need to be refined to remove impurities. For the next process, it will be bleached and finally heated to a very high temperature to deodorize it.

  1. Coconut Fiber and Peat


As one of the big manufacturers and suppliers, we care for environmental issues.  Thus, we commit to protecting it from further decline. We help reduce the excess and waste by producing coconut fiber and peat that are essentially leftover materials. These non-food products are derived from the same high-quality coconuts from other coconut products we manufacture.

By all the process of a coconut-based product, we don’t leave any material that can cause damage to the health environment. Thus, also make the coconut fiber and peat to save the environment.  There is a satisfaction that we feel when we know that our product contains healthy food and also supplies environmentally-friendly non-food products worldwide.

High-Quality Coconut-Based Product

Quality is one of our key aspects to serve our consumers better and offer high-quality coconut-based products. We constantly manufacture the products in quality management and make the consistency to produce many goods. For these reasons, we have several certified organic seals from reputable international institutions and agencies.

There are many products that we make, including coconut milk, virgin coconut oil, RBD coconut oil, coconut sugar, coconut water, coconut cream, coconut milk, desiccated coconut, crude coconut oil, coconut fiber, and peat. With those numerous products, we invest in the latest technology, human resources, and quality of the product.

Despite the intense market competition, we provide organic products and maintain a quality culture. It is because we believe our customers deserve a better natural product to stay fresh and of the best quality. Thus, we use the newest and advanced technology and ensure a superior quality product.

To ensure food safety, we also provide our products with the expiration date since some of the natural coconut-based products have a relatively shorter shelf life. Also, we consider the current concerns of our consumers about keeping a healthy lifestyle and consuming more natural food. Our coconut product is not only an organic and natural product but also great for health.

As one of the best manufacturers and suppliers, we care for environmental issues. We commit to protect it from further climate change. With this in mind, we help minimize waste by producing coconut fiber and pear that are essentially known as leftover materials. We also produce a safe source of briquets in the form of charcoal.

As one of the big Indonesia Virgin Coconut Oil Manufacturer and Supplier, We always focus on quality products when we produce non-food products and edible products. We have realized the competitive market needs the best quality and improvement of the product.  There is no doubt that we not only provide healthy food but also supply environmentally friendly non-edible products worldwide.



PT Mitra Chani Indonesia

Virgin Coconut Oil Manufacturer and Supplier

We ensure that all products produced are of the highest quality.

Our products are processed in a safe manner and do not add chemicals that can affect its quality.

Our virgin coconut oil products are extracted using natural methods, resulting in a product that is safe for consumption.

Our company also conducts research related to the function and the benefits of virgin coconut oil.