Coconut Charcoal



What is Coconut Charcoal?

Coconut charcoal is made from granular coconut shell charcoal, crushed and molded using a natural binder. The process of producing coconut shell charcoal begins with carbonization. It is by burning the coconut shell to control the water contained. To obtain the standard of charcoal, this material is sieved to the different sizes that the buyer requires.

As the best manufacturers and suppliers of coconut-based products, we also consider environmental issues. We provide better alternatives to wood and regular charcoal by manufacturing coconut charcoal. While helping consumers become healthy, we also support the people who live in more sustainable environments. Therefore we focus on making the best products in coconut charcoal.

The Benefits of Coconut Charcoal

Consumers are presented with a lot of alternatives in the market for charcoal products. However, coconut charcoal proves to be an excellent choice in quality and price. The essential thing, it is a better choice when grilling with the environment in mind. Coconut charcoals are sustainable since no chemicals are added to this product

Not only have that, but coconut charcoal is also smokeless and produces a small quality of ash. As a source of fuel, this briquette produces more heat and lasts longer than ordinary charcoal. Each coconut charcoal at least burns 1.5 times longer than typical hardwood charcoal. The temperature average is 730 Fahrenheit or less 3. 5 hours.

We are one of the manufacturers and suppliers that aims for more than just a clean burn. We never compromise the quality of coconut charcoal. We always guarantee that our product is versatile since it can work well in any condition, including high or slow grilling. We also ensure our customers will experience the smell of charcoal with a savory aroma.

Our coconut charcoal is an alternative source than regular wood charcoal. It is because we manufacture charcoal that has less ash and smokeless. As we think about what consumers need, we also are concerned about the environment. We try to help our consumers be healthy and live in a more sustainable environment with our natural products.

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