Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar


What is Coconut Sugar?

Coconut sugar is one of the coconut-based products made from the sap of the flower bud stem of the coconut palm. This natural ingredient comes in granule or crystal form, liquid, and block. There are two-step processes of this coconut sugar. The first step is harvesting buds that stem from the coconut tree. Then, the accumulated sap is carried into large woks to concentrate the moisture content of the sap.

As one of the greatest manufacturers and suppliers, we aware our consumers become more health-conscious and seek alternative resources of sweet ingredients. Thus, we introduce a coconut sugar that becomes the healthier alternative to regular table sugar. Our coconut sugar contains minerals and other valuable substances that are not found in refined sugar.

The Uses of Coconut Sugar That You Should Know

Considered as a more desirable alternative to refined sugar, coconut sugar is a product from the boiled sap of coconut palm. This sugar has caught the attention of many who are concerned about health concerns. It is because of the low fructose content and low glycemic substances. It also contains valuable properties, such as antioxidants and minerals compared to regular sugar.

Also, coconut sugar contains fiber inulin, which may slow glucose absorption. It can make someone consume less food and hunger pangs because the body processes food with coconut sugar longer. It provides the same sugar rush that comes from consuming ordinary sugar but can make the body function better. For these reasons, coconut sugar is widely used for culinary purposes, including dishes, desserts, and drinks.

As the big manufacturer and supplier, we commit to making healthy organic coconut-based products. We intend to keep the trust of our loyal consumers and increase their number with our high-quality product. We maintain our presence in the global market with excellent investment in technology. We are positive that we can attain a bigger share of the international market.

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