Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil


As one of the biggest and the best coconut suppliers, we can offer you pure virgin coconut oil or VCO for many usages. It is worth noting that many people are still confused about VCO and regular oil. For your information, the VCO is way better than the regular one and preserves the virtues of coconut milk. So, what exactly the VCO is?

What Is This Natural Plant-Based Material?

VCO bore its name due to its natural virtues of the coconut milk. All of it doesn’t get harmed by the heating processes, which the regular oil undergoes. The extraction method used for the VCO is the cold process extraction from the fresh coconut milk. Thus resulting in the natural aroma, constituent, and antioxidants.

VCO has clearer color than the regular coconut oil that has brighter yellowish. Another thing that you should notice is the high composition in the VCO. You can tell a real VCO by its coconut and flavor scent. The virgin coconut oil also rich in medium-chain fatty acids, acceptable cholesterol, and a good amount of trans fatty acid.

The Usage and Benefit Virgin Coconut Oil

You can see that the high fatty acid and acceptable cholesterol are the primary reasons why the VCO is popular as a traditional remedy. The amount of calories in it is around 13.5 grams, which is great for energy booster without the risk of heart or arteries problem. It also has saturated fat from its lauric acid, which can help enhance your body in fighting diseases or viruses.

The lauric acid also helps in reducing the risk of cholesterol by boosting good cholesterol. At the same time, it can stimulate thyroid function, which affects your whole antibody system. Some people also use the VCO for hair treatment as a moisturizer or nourisher for the scalp and healthy hair.

Our company produces and supplies the best quality of VCO from Indonesia. As one of the tropical countries, we proudly say that we can serve you the best and the high-quality product to your door. It is also our commitment to avoid giving a fake product that will not satisfy our customers.

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