Coconut Cream

Coconut Cream


As one of the best manufacturers and suppliers, we are offered numerous products of the coconut tree, including coconut cream. We invest in high technology and produce the best quality of our product. We also ensure our coconut cream serves in superior quality. For these reasons, our coconut cream can compete with global brands, both in quality and price.

What is Coconut Cream?

Coconut cream is one of the products made from the meat of mature coconuts. Before processed, the coconut must be extracted from the grated flesh of the mature coconut. However, it differs from coconut milk since coconut cream has thick and more paste-like consistency. Also, coconut cream has creamy white in color and has a mild sweet taste of coconut.

To process this natural ingredient, the meat of the matured coconut must be grated. Then, grated coconut will be squeezed out until producing the coconut milk. Then, it combines with another ingredient, such as a natural stabilizer, and the process until it has a thick consistency. The natural freshness flavor is preserved in the process to produce a rich taste and mild texture.

The Applications of Coconut Cream

Our coconut milk can be used for various purposes, including in cooking various dishes or making desserts. Coconut cream is also used in popular products, such as ice cream, confectionery products, snacks, yogurt, and many kinds of products. To make the dishes or food, it can combine them with another ingredient, straight from the can.

Coconut Cream Product Manufacture That Always Prioritizes the Quality 

Our company is one of the excellent manufacturers that have been competing in the market for a long time. Our products, including coconut cream, are always packed in the fresh and best quality in every production. We always consider our customer’s needs. We maintain and advocate a quality culture because we believe that our customers deserve the best quality of coconut cream.

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