Coconut Fiber and Peat

Coconut Fiber and Peat


As the top company of coconut-based products, we also care for the environment. We have an unwavering commitment to protecting it from the further slump. Thus, we help to minimize waste by producing coconut fiber and peat that are leftover materials. We do not only provide healthy food products but also supply environmentally friendly non-food goods for customers.

What is Coconut Fiber and Peat?

Coconut fiber is one leathery material from the internal shell and outer coal of coconut that is extracted from the husk. Aside from natural material, coconut fiber is resistant to saltwater damage and waterproof. Coconut fiber has become the main material for numerous purposes in industries, including the carpet sector, yarn fishing, and mattresses.

Meanwhile, coconut peat is the powdery material that results from the processing of coconut fiber. This natural material has high cellulose and lignin properties. Not only have that, but there is a carbon-nitrogen ratio of 104. These high percentages of lignin and other contents make it stable. Coconut peat also has a water holding capacity that is five to six times weight.

The Use of Coconut Fiber and Peat That You Should Know

As a natural material, coconut fiber is used for numerous sectors in the industries. Coconut fibers are beneficial for rope, doormats, carpets, brushes, mattresses, and yarn fishing nets. Meanwhile, coconut peat is used for organics supplements in the field of floriculture and horticulture. It also can be used for growing medium of ornamental flowering plants and hydroponic systems for certain plants.

We always concentrate on quality when producing both food and non-food products. We understand that excellent commodities can make us stand out in coconut-based products. As one of the big companies, we make sure to continuously improve innovation. Thus, we make products of high quality along with keeping a healthy environment. We contribute to the environment by utilizing coconut waste into something valuable goods.

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