Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk


It is real that you can’t milk coconut, but you can get coconut milk. It is quite funny to hear that people consider this natural product the same as dairy milk. One thing for sure they are very different from their nutrition, properties, usages, and origin. Most of the time, people use it to enrich food and give a touch of creaminess. Here is what you should know

The Coconut Milk

So, what is this milk? Coconut milk is literally as the name implies. It was made from the shredded coconut flesh that was pureed with water and then strained. The result has a whitish color, which later resembles milk. The thick coconut milk is made from boiled finely grated coconut. There is also the thin milk that strained from the remaining grated coconut of thick milk.

The Benefit And Usage

Coconut milk is one of many high-calorie foods with 93% fat from the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). It also contains a generous number of minerals and vitamins that can affect weight and metabolism. It is also believed that the properties can improve the good HDL cholesterol and reduce the bad LDL cholesterol.

Another worth to jot down is its potential abilities to decrease stomach ulcer size, improve antibodies, and reduce inflammation. Not only beneficial, but the milk can add flavor, body, and richness to many traditional recipes. Food such as curries, soups, or wilted greens is commonly used coconut milk. It is also used as the non-dairy milk substitute for ice cream, cereal, or smoothies.

Taking a look at the generous benefits and its potential uses for cuisine, you will need a high-quality product to gain them. In this case, our company produces or supply fresh coconut milk made with high-quality sources. You don’t need to worry since Indonesia is one of the best locations to cultivate coconut. Thus, the perfect location will provide the best quality coconut milk for you.

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