Crude Coconut Oil

Crude Coconut Oil


As one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of coconut-based products, we commit to remain competitive in the market. In an industry where the stakes are high and the competition is tight, we make innovations to make crude coconut oil. This product is one of proving that we always offer the best quality and performance to provide our clients need and necessity.

What is Crude Coconut Oil?

Crude coconut oil is one of the foremost results that is derived from dried coconut meat or known as copra. Coconut meat is dried to obtain a moisture content of approximately 6 to 8%. This oil is extracted from the copra by using expellers. Then, the next process to make crude coconut oils is the residual oil from the cake must be recovered through solvent extraction.

The Uses of Crude Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is characterized by high saturated properties compared with other edible oils. This oil oxidizes more slowly, which is why it doesn’t spoil easily and stays for a long life. The color and odor of the crude coconut oil also make it unsuitable for food or cosmetics purposes. Coconut crude oil has other uses and benefits though in non-food industries.

Also, coconut oil contains a small amount of fiber and trace metals. It includes lead, copper iron, and lead. Not only have that, but it also contains high levels of lurid acid substances, which are used in many commercial products as antimycobacterial representatives. This oil is one industrial-grade oil, which can be a raw material in the production of lubricants and surfactants.

We are investing in advanced technologies and resources so that we can manufacture products of super quality. Another way is conducting our research on improving the system to make the best product for our customer. We also look forward to new and more innovative ways of exploiting crude coconut oil based on inquiries and improvement in the future.

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